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Daniele Bravi (Rome 1974)

Daniele Bravi's music is based on an accurate research of tone colours which he achieves by using classical instruments and on the manipulation of the concept of time: the extremely conscious use of the sound material enables him to control impressions of the flow of time.
Daniele Bravi's musical ideas are connected with philosophy, mathematics, physics and architectural principals like on La Curva di Lìgaso (2004) for piano, Rifrazioni Lontane (2004) for orchestra (first price at the Musica Europa-2004 competition), the Quartetto n.2
(2005) for string quartet performed by the
Arditti quartet and Meditazione Prima 'in Eco' - Hommàge à Descartes (2002) for ensemble that has been selected by the Italian National Commitee of Music - CIDIM and by the International Association of Music Centre - IAMIC to rappresent the italian contemporary music during the concert/conference IAMIC 2007 (June 2007) in Wellington – New Zealand.

Daniele Bravi (Roma 1974) started studying composition in Rome where he achieved his diploma (2003) with the maximum credits and distinction and the prize of the best diploma of the year.
After the diploma he studied with 
Ivan Fedele at the Conservatoire National de Région in Strasbourg and with Salvatore Sciarrino, Pascal Dusapin, Wolgang Rihm, Yan Maresz ed Helmut Lachenmann.

From 2006 until 2008 he studied composition and electronic music e at IRCAM - Paris (selected by the comité de lecture of the Ircam and the Ensemble Intercontemporain).

His music has been commisioned by IRCAM, Radio Suisse Romande, the festival Musica in Strasbourg, Festival Veranstaltungsreihe ed.2011 - Vienna, Biennale of Venice 2010 - 54° festival of contempory music (2010) and
59° festival (2015), festival Archipel (Genève), Bargemusic Festival – New York, festival M.I.A. 2008 of Annecy (France), for the “Stockholm New Music Festival”, Acanthes 2005 in Metz, festival “Suona Francese”, Seconda Rassegna Di Musica Contemporanea Italiana in Peking, Musica Europa 2004 in Rome, Limerick (Ireland) and Tallinn (Estonia), A Tempo in Podgorica (Montenegro), Prima Rassegna Di Musica Contemporanea Italiana in Strasburg, Zilele Muzich Contemporane in Bacäu (Romania), Cantiere Internazionale D'Arte in Montepulciano, Nuovi Spazi Musicali in Roma, Festival Controcanto in Roma, Progetto Musica in Roma, festival "Nuova Consonanza" in Rome, "Festival Controcanto" in Rome,  Festival Rondò - Milano, Festival MICO – Bologna, TheInternational Keyboard Institute & Festival  16th Season - New York, Sügifest 2014 - Tallinn, Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP) in Boston.

Three of his piano compositions were selected as obligatory material for The 10th Piano Competition of Pietro Squartini (1998) and they were extracted in two works published by Bèrben.
His music is published by  Nuova Stradivarius.

Bravi's music has been performed by remarkable instrumentalists such as the Arditti string quartet, the Algoritmo ensemble conducted by Marco Angius, the Vortex esemble, the Ensemble Stroma the World Youth Chamber Orchestra (W.Y.C.O), Ensemble L'Imaginaire, Oh Ton-Ensemble, il Divertimento Ensemble, the New Flora Ensemble of Strasbourg, the Freon Ensemble, the clarinettists Guido Arbonelli, Roberta Gottardi, Jean-François Charles,  Mirco Ghirardini, the pianist Jay GottliebAnna D'Errico, Alfonso Alberti, Maria Grazia Bellocchio,  Massimiliano Ferrati  and the flutist Mario Caroli, Keiko Murakami,  Matteo Cesari and broadcasted by  Radio Rai Tre, Rai Sat, Radio Suisse Romande and Radio New Zeland.

Bravi's first monographic CD "Del Vero e del falso" is produced and published by the Stradivarius and recorded by Arditti String quartet, Donatienne Michel-Dansac, Algoritmo Ensemble and Ensemble Vide conductor Marco Angius, Anna D'Errico, Matteo Cesari and Roberta Gottardi.

Since 2007 he teaches composition in Italian Conservatoires (Conservatory  “G.Verdi” - Turin , Conservatory “T.Schipa” – Lecce, Institute Superior of Music “G.Verdi” - Ravenna, Conservatory  "G.Pierluigi da Palestrina" - Cagliari)
Actually he is professor of composition at the Conservatory "U. Giordano"  of Foggia.

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